How to drink Chaga "RETHÉ"

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Chaga tea lite is a tea that has no habit or smell and has a slight sweetness. Therefore, you can enjoy it deliciously in any situation regardless of the situation. Since it does not contain caffeine, small children and pregnant women can drink it with confidence.

  • Rehydration of morning awakening
  • With meal
  • With a snack at a wonderful tea time
  • As tea to serve to customers
  • Rehydration during sports
  • For hydration when walking by putting it in a water bottle
  • Rehydration after the bath
  • Chaga tea split with shochu
  • As a strong liquor chaser

Characteristics of deliciousness


The characteristic of the deliciousness hidden in Chaga tea lite is its gentle and mellow overdrinking and its deep sweetness.

Chaga tea lite is characterized by its deep sweetness and richness that cannot be produced by other chaga mushrooms. The secret of its deep sweetness is the sweetness of β-1,3 glucan and β-1,6 glucan, which are polysaccharides.

That is the secret of the sweetness that you feel.The important nutrients of Chaga are covered with a very hard cell wall. Lite's patented manufacturing method is a method called cell wall destruction, which completely destroys the hard cell wall of mushrooms and thickens β-1, 3 1, 6 glucan, which is abundant in the cell, which is difficult to extract with ordinary chaga. Because it can be extracted.

Crushing powder

Destruction powder

The delicious way to drink Chaga tea lite is to add it hot and a little thicker so that you can feel the richness and sweetness and the elegant and faint aroma of birch wood. Even if you add ice with ice cream, it is recommended to add a little thicker for a slightly sweet and gentle drink.

A nice way to enjoy RETHÉ

There is no habit or smell, so you can enjoy it with herbs and dried fruits. If you feel stressed or want to refresh your mood, we recommend various herbs.

Chamomile & Chaga Tea Lite

Chamomile & Chaga Tea RETHÉ Chamomile is recommended when you want to refresh. You can enjoy a refreshing and refreshing tea time by floating a teaspoon of chamomile on a warm lite.

Chaga & Chamomile Recipe

Lavender & Chaga Tea Lite

Lavender & Chaga Tea RETHÉ Lavender is a recommended herb before going to bed. Enjoy lavender in a warm liter and half float on a teaspoon.

Chaga & Lavender Recipe

Raspberry & Chaga Tea Lite

Raspberry & Chaga Tea RETHÉ Raspberries are recommended when you are frustrated. Add a teaspoon of raspberry and it will turn into a beautiful color like papachia sapphire, spreading the sweet and sour gentle aroma of the berry.

Chaga & Raspberry Recipe