Exclusive Chaga tea of Rejuvenation System

We have continued to pursue the true beauty of health and celebrated the 20th anniversary of the spring of 2020 as a company. For a long time, we have been using Chaga for our supplement ingredient. We made Chaga tea, "RETHÉ" by incorporating our original method. Please enjoy it as a tea you can savor everyday. The cells of Chaga are rich in the blessings of the strong vitality nurtured by the harsh nature of Russia. However, the cell wall of Chaga is extremely hard, we can not absorb and digest the nutritions of Chaga as it is wrapped in the hard cell wall. "RETHÉ" is produced by our original method using a patented manufacturing method so that we can fully absorb Chaga's vitality, the blessing of nature.


About Chaga

Chaga, which is called the forest diamond in Russia, is a very precious mushroom that can be found only once in 20,000 birch trees. Chaga absorbs the nutrients of birch trees and takes around 10 to 15 years to grow. The nutritional component of Chaga contains well-balanced vitamins and minerals as well as polyphenols and lignin. In addition, the active ingredient contains plenty of β-D-glucans and SOD enzymes.

Surprise!! Chaga that does not freeze even in a -60ºC freezer

frozen chaga frozen chaga2 frozen chaga3

The Chaga has been put into a -60ºC freezer once it had been boiled. The dark amber liquid you can see in the center of the ice (in the second image) is the extract of Chaga. Once the Chaga has been boiled, it has been put into the freezer. The water contained in the Chaga will freeze leaving the dense extract of Chaga in a liquid form. The Russian Chaga lives in an extremely cold area which is called permafrost. The reason why Chaga never freezes is because it is parasitized onto birch trees, extracting the sap out of them and the birch tree sap never freezes. Chaga, which grows by absorbing the sap, is rich in components such as SOD enzyme, polyphenol and β-D-glucan. Therefore, extract of Chaga remains as a liquid even when placed in a freezer.


Using the cell wall destruction powder

The β-D-glucan contained in Chaga has a structure that is a polymer in which many sugars are linked like a chain. Hence it has the character of being difficult to dissolve in water even when it is boiled. Destroying the cell wall of Chaga, is a special patent method which is done only by our company. This action allows the nutritions such as: β-D-glucans to be absorbed in the water. Once it has been absorbed in the water, it can be fully consumed and digested.

Difference between crushed powder and destroyed powder


The crushed powder is a hard Chaga which has been crushed into a powder form. As you can see by comparing with the micrograph, the fiber remains the same state. The difference with the cell wall destruction is that you can not consume the nutritions such as; SOD enzyme and β-D-glucan. This is due to the method which crushes from the outside of Chaga’s cell.


The cell wall destruction powder is a special process that destroys the hard cells of Chaga by applying pressure from the inside. As you can see from the micrograph, you can identify that the cells are finely broken into minuscule particles. The solid cells of Chaga contains various valuable nutrients such as β-D-glucan, lignin, and polyphenol, as well as SOD enzyme.

Our exclusive manufacturing method ・(Chaga cell wall destruction powder)

The cell walls of Chaga are so hard that they cannot be consumed and digested. In order to efficiently dissolve the nutrient components of Chaga in water, the cell walls of Chaga has been destroyed using special machinery and technology. By destroying the cell walls, various nutrients such as SOD enzyme, β-D-glucan, lignin, inositol, flavonoids, dietary fiber, minerals and vitamins will dissolve in water. After this process, you can enjoy the benefits of Chaga.

Before destruction
After destruction