Message from the President


Rejuvenation Co., Ltd. was established with the aim of pursuing true health and beauty, and was able to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the year 2020. I met Chaga 12 years ago. My best friend had cancer and the fight against fierce cancer began. I also read many books on cancer and looked up on cancer on the Internet if I had time. Why Get Cancer Before Looking For A Cure For It? If you don't know what the fighting enemy is, you can't fight.

Stress, harmful substances that are harmful to the body, and the fact that cancer has rapidly increased in Japan since 1997, and many people were affected by the atomic bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The same is true of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant accident, the cause is radioactivity. In my mind, not only stress is the cause of cancer, but I am convinced that pesticides and radioactive substances contained in foods, food additives, and these four factors are greatly involved. My friend's way of fighting cancer was to take natural remedies without undergoing chemotherapy while undergoing surgery, and thoroughly eat natural foods without additives or pesticides. I learned a lot about pesticides and additives with my best friend. We encountered Chaga in natural remedies.

In Russia, anticancer drugs are also made from Chaga. What I was worried about before drinking Chaga was the accident at the nuclear power plant in Chernobyl. Immediately, I put out 1kg of chaga from Russia, which is sold in Japan, for analysis. As a result, 30 bq of radioactive cesium 137 was detected per 1 kg. I'm glad I looked it up before drinking Chaga. Mushrooms have the property of collecting radioactive substances. However, the more I looked at Chaga, the more amazing it was. Then I began to search for safe things. Finally, I arrived at a safe Chaga.

With the rejuvenation that I run, I was able to immediately launch the first supplement using Chaga. My best friend has had four surgeries and has survived the seven years of fighting against cancer. We decided to launch our specialty Chaga tea to commemorate the complete remission and the 20th anniversary of our establishment. Our commitment to experiencing cancer, knowing its dreadfulness, and pursuing the cause of cancer despite being an amateur is the premise that it is safer than anything else. No matter how good a poison is, it will turn into a poison. Since it is invisible to the eyes, we always try to provide a reliable product by conducting a radioactivity inspection and 450 types of pesticide inspection for each production lot.

RETHÉ is particular about the patented manufacturing method that makes it easy to melt out the wonderful nutritional ingredients, and above all, safety confirmation.

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Rejuvenation Inc.
Head Office
MatsushimaBLD 9F 3-13, Suehirochou Kitaku Osaka Japan,530-0053
Date of foundation
1st March,2004
10,000,000 JPY
Hiromi Satou