RETHÉ analytical test results

With the cooperation of Japan Food Research Laboratories, we regularly carry out analytical inspections of Chaga tea RETHE. I will describe the confirmation result. Japan Food Research Laboratories

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Heavy metal inspection

Heavy metal inspection

Zinc is an essential mineral necessary for the human body, but it is subject to inspection because addiction symptoms have been reported due to overdose. (The recommended daily intake of zinc from the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare is 3 mg to 15 mg / day. The detected value is 0.06 ppm, so Ingestion of a tremendous amount of chaga tea, such as 50 to 250 liters, is enough to reach the recommended daily intake of zinc, so it can be judged that it is completely within the safe range. )

Inspection results

Heavy metal inspection

Other usefulness tests

We also have test data for usefulness tests, but we do not open it to the public due to the Pharmaceutical Machinery Law.