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Superoxide scavenging activity

We will investigate the scavenging ability of superoxide radicals, which are radicals that are also present in the body.

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Avanced Glycation Endproducts Production Suppression Test

Glycation is a reaction in which sugar binds to proteins non-enzymatically, and even in the living body, the saccharification reaction occurs due to the proteins that make up the living body and the sugar that is ingested as food. Advanced glycation end products (AGEs) produced by glycation accumulate in the body, and it has been suggested that they may be associated with various symptoms such as arteriosclerosis and neurological diseases as well as skin aging. .. In this test, we will evaluate the ability to suppress AGEs production in vitro by utilizing the fact that AGEs have fluorescence characteristics. AGEs are a general term for substances produced by the reaction of proteins and sugars, and are not a single substance. Glyoxal reaction intermediates include glyoxal (GO), 3-deoxyglucosone (3DG), and methylglyoxal (MG). Known AGEs include carboxymethyl lysine (CML), pyrarin, pentosidine, and crosulin.

Inspection results