Can babies and children drink?

Because it's caffeine-free, it's safe for everyone from babies to the elderly to drink.

What kind of allergies should I not take this medicine if I have any?

It is safe to drink for people with any allergies.

Are there any contraindications to taking chaga?

Not particularly.

What kind of tea is chaga tea?

This tea is made from precious mushrooms that take 10-15 years to grow on birch trees.

Do you have a recommendation for when to drink it?

It should be drunk at any time of the day when you're rehydrating in your life.

What is the difference between your products and those of other companies?

RETHE is tested for radioactive substances and 450 types of pesticides at the Japan Food Analysis Center for each production, and the results are published on our website. RETHE aims to achieve over 40,000 units of antioxidant SOD enzymes and over IC50 of anti-glycation AGEs by our original manufacturing process using our patented method, and we publish the results of the testing by Japan Food Research Laboratories for each product on the following page

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I've heard that chaga is good for cancer, is it true?

Chaga contains a lot of SOD enzymes, which scavenge active oxygen species, so there may be an article about that, but it's only a natural health tea.

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Which is better, Russian or Hokkaido chaga?

The most important characteristic of chaga is the outstanding SOD enzyme, but the actual amount of SOD enzyme in chopped chaga is lower than Agaricus and coral yamabushi mushrooms, which is about 1000 units of SOD enzyme. In Rite, we have detected more than 40,000 units of SOD by our own method of manufacturing chaga using a patented method. We will spare no effort to bring out the charm and characteristics of the chaga rather than saying which region is better.

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I've heard that chaga is good for diabetes, does it work?

Chaga has the characteristic of inhibiting AGEs, but the results of the Food Analysis Center showed that the inhibition of AGEs when ordinary chopped chaga was boiled was less than 10%. At Rite, we process our products with the aim of achieving an AGEs suppression of IC 50 or higher, but this is not a therapeutic goal, and we are only trying to make the most of the natural benefits of chaga. Chaga is a health tea made from natural ingredients.


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I've heard that Russian chaga contains radioactive substances, is it safe?

Literate provides safe products that are tested for radioactivity in accordance with the instructions of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare for each production.


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Chaga takes more than 10 years to be harvested, so I'm concerned about the presence of pesticides and other chemicals.

While there are concerns about pesticides in all of the tea you brew, we at Rite offer a safe product by testing each of our products for 450 types of pesticides.

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I've heard that chaga is more nutritious in the outer black part of the chaga, but from which part of the chaga is the rite made?

Chaga product description in China says that the outer black part is more nutritious and expensive than the inner brown part, but the mushrooms have hard cell walls that make it impossible to extract the nutrients contained inside normally. Rite uses a patented process to break down the cell walls and extract all the nutrients in the chaga cells at high concentration, providing you with a product featuring over 40,000 units of SOD enzymes, beta-glucans and AGEs inhibition over IC50, regardless of whether you are on the outside or inside.

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