Does Chaga smell or taste?

Chaga is almost tasteless and odorless, has less peculiarity than bancha, and is easy to drink.

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Can babies and children drink?

Since it is non-caffeine, you can drink it with confidence from babies to the elderly.

Can Chaga be allergic?

No.Anyone can drink with confidence.

Are there any contraindications to chaga that should not be taken?

There is nothing in particular.

What kind of tea is Chaga tea?

A tea made from precious mushrooms that grow on birch trees over 10 to 15 years.

Where can I buy RETHE?

We have a shopping page and there are many shops which sales RETHE.

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Is there any difference from other companies' products?

Each time the product is manufactured, the Japan Food Research Laboratories conducts a radioactive substance inspection and 450 types of pesticides, and publishes it on the Lite page. Lite is a product that contains high nutrients due to its unique manufacturing method using a patented manufacturing method, and the values at the Japan Food Research Laboratories are published on the Lite page for each manufacture.

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Which is better, Russian or Hokkaido, for the production of Chaga?

High nutrient content is the most important characteristic of Chaga, but in actual chopped Chaga, it is about 1000 units more than Agaricus and Coral Yamabushi mushrooms. At Lite, the amount of chaga that exceeds 40,000 units has been detected by the original manufacturing method of chaga using the patented manufacturing method. We will spare no effort to bring out the charm and characteristics of Chaga rather than which production area is good.

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I've heard that Russian chaga contains radioactive substances, is that okay?

At Lite, we provide safe products by conducting radioactivity inspections for each production based on the instructions of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.

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Chaga has a long harvest time of more than 10 years, so I am worried that it will not contain chemicals such as pesticides.

I think that there are concerns about pesticides in everything that is boiled as tea, but at Lite, we carry out 450 types of pesticide detection tests for each manufactured product and provide safe products.

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I hear that the black part on the outside of Chaga is more nutritious. Which part is the lite made from?

Looking at the product description of Chaga in China, it is said that the black part on the outside is more nutritious and expensive than the brown part on the inside, but mushrooms have a hard cell wall and usually contain nutritional components inside. It is impossible to take it out. In Lite, the cell wall is destroyed by a patented manufacturing method, and all the nutrients in the cells of Chaga are extracted at high concentration, so it is characterized by high nutrient content such as SOD enzyme and β-glucan, regardless of whether it is inside or outside. We will provide the products that have been made.

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Is it okay to reheat and drink something that has cooled down because I couldn't drink it all at once?

Even in the manufacturing and processing process of Lite, heating is performed when concentrating. Rest assured that reheating will not result in loss of nutritional content.