Real Chaga or Fake

What is the real Chaga?


First of all, if there is a fake Chaga mushroom, there is no fake Chaga mushroom in the main Chaga tea products distributed in Japan. Since it is a rare mushroom, there may be some vendors who try to make a fake and sell it, but the chaga tea that is mainly distributed in Japan is used by real chaga using Russian or Hokkaido chaga. It seems that it has been done.

We do not use domestic chaga and stick to Russian products because the quality is genuine.What we think is genuine is whether the quality of Chaga is genuine. Chaga grows over many years by sucking the sap of birch growing in cold areas. The more severe the cold, the higher the quality of Chaga.


Instead of ordinary tea, we get Chaga tea, which is said to be good for your health, so you want to eat high-quality genuine tea anyway. For safety confirmation, we inspect each production lot for radioactive substances and pesticides. These are for checking safety. In addition, although it is not disclosed under the Pharmaceutical Machinery Law, we are also conducting inspection tests on the content of usefulness. No matter how good Chaga is, it cannot be said to be genuine unless it contains the useful ingredients.

Please try the quality higher than the real one, which contains the useful ingredients of chaga rather than the real chaga.As Chaga is a plant and is an agricultural product, it is natural that the quality varies. Therefore, in order to stabilize the quality and maintain the quality as genuine, we do not sell it as tea that is just chopped chaga, but add the cell wall destruction powder of chaga and the concentrated extract powder of chaga, and always high quality genuine We strive to provide quality Chaga tea.

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