The era of 100 years of life. "Komei" is a form of the desire to carefully nurture the shining life. “Komei”, which can be said to be the highest peak among Rejuvenation supplements, is packed with a lot of commitment and thoughts.


Komei contains the high-quality chaga used in RETHE as chaga destruction powder and chaga extract powder. Or, it is composed of the best combination imaginable, such as combining the finest Naoi Reishi mushrooms that are difficult to obtain.

Contents: 45g (1.5g x 30)

45,360 yen (tax included)

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It is a person who is worried about his own health before being a seller. Kiramei was created by a supplement developer, ignoring the general consumer price belt and thinking that this would be the best for his daily intake. With the new coronavirus, shedding, shingles, and turbo cancer, it's more difficult than ever to stay healthy. It consists only of the ingredients necessary for granules and main class ingredients that would normally be rejected due to budgetary reasons. In order to maintain good health, it goes without saying that basic health care such as diet, sleep, and exercise is essential, but many people are also looking for something to relieve their anxiety. We are proud of the best finish, utilizing as much as possible the manufacturing method patent.We are the same.

Regarding the details of the patent, there is a problem with the expression of the Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Law, so it cannot be described here, but since the patent information is open to the public, you can view the summary etc. by searching by the patent number.

《 Features 》

◉ What is Chaga Concentrated Extract Powder/Cell Wall Destruction Powder?

Chaga is a fungus parasitic on birch trees in cold regions, and is also called Siberian Reishi mushroom. Chaga cells contain plenty of the blessings of strong vitality nurtured in the harsh Russian environment. However, the cells are very hard and cannot be digested and absorbed. By destroying the cell wall in order to efficiently take in the nutritional components of chaga, you can fully enjoy various nutrients such as SOD enzyme, β-D-glucan, lignin, inositol, flavonoids, dietary fiber, minerals, and vitamins. . By adding extract powder and patented cell wall breaking powder, we have achieved a strong SOD enzyme value of 41,000 units, which is impossible with chopped chaga alone, and a 100% additive-free, rich and rounded deliciousness. I was.


◉ What is Naoi YG stock (Naoi three-color reishi)

Ganoderma lucidum, also known as Ganoderma lucidum, is a mushroom belonging to the Agaricaceae family, and has long been known as a herbal medicine to contain ingredients that help maintain health. Mr. Yukio Naoi, former Kyoto University Education Technician, collected various reishi mushrooms in his research on reishi mushroom cultivation, and after 30 years of research and improvement, Naoi Reishi GY-type three-color reishi mushroom with excellent genes was born. I was. Naoi Reishi GY-type three-color reishi is cultivated in a clean environment rich in nature between Kurohime Kogen and Hida Takayama in Nagano Prefecture. I'm here. The Naoi YG strain has been researched and various experiments conducted by Dr. Hitoshi Ito, Director of the Institute of Fungi Pharmacology, and its usefulness has been proven by many patents.

◉ What are 101 Himematsutake Iwade strains and ITO-S strains supervised by Dr. Ito Medical Doctor of Pharmaceutical Sciences?

Himematsutake is a unique mushroom among over 300 species of agaricus. Himematsutake has a fruiting body (cap and stem) and a mycelium (root). Each contains different nutrients. The Iwade 101 strain uses the fruiting body, and the ITO-S strain uses the mycelium.

◉ Obtained 10 patents

Product name Koumei
Raw material name Maltodextrin (manufactured in Japan), Chaga extract powder, Chaga destroyed powder, Ganoderma lucidum cell wall destroyed powder, Naoi Reishi extract powder (Red Reishi, Yellow Reishi, White Reishi), Reishi extract powder, Himematsutake mixture Destructed powder (Himematsutake fruiting body powder, Himematsutake mycelium and culture filtrate extract concentrate, dextrin), crystalline cellulose, fine silicon dioxide, trehalose
Internal capacity 45g (1.5g x 30)
Preservation method Store at room temperature, avoiding direct sunlight and high temperature and humidity
Process patent Patent No. 1802776, Patent No. 2526185, Patent No. 3362984, US Patent No. 6120772, US Patent No. 9308229, Patent No. 3524145, Patent No. 4010519, Patent No. 4057107, Patent No. 5160806, Patent No. 3065590
Energy per bottle (1.5g) 5.34kcal
protein 0.06g
Lipid 0.01g
carbohydrates 1.25g
salt equivalent 0.001g
Payment method We accept cash on delivery, credit card, Paypay, carrier payment, and payment at convenience stores.
Shipping method Delivery by shipping company
Shipping cost Free shipping on all Koumei purchases, including bundles. For RETHÉ only, shipping is a flat rate of 370 yen for 1 piece, 740 yen for 2 pieces, and free shipping for 3 or more pieces.
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