Chaga & Clove Recipe


Cloves are spices that have a lot of pleasant effects, such as improving blood circulation, conditioning the gastrointestinal tract, and having a strong antioxidative effect. Along with the bactericidal effect of cloves, it has the effect of increasing saliva and can prevent bad breath. It reduces bad bacteria in the mouth, eliminates inflammation, and helps prevent stomatitis and alveolar pyorrhea. There are many effects packed in this small grain, such as the beneficial effect of cloves on lowering cholesterol.


  • Water 500ml
  • Chaga 2 g 1 pack
  • Clove 6-8 grains (crush the tip to float)

How to cook

Cooking time:8 minutes ( Preparation:3 minutes | Cooking:5 minutes )
  • Prepare Chaga RETHÉ1pack and 500 cc water.
  • Boil 500 cc of water. Then put 1 pack of Chaga into the water. Boil it for 5 minutes on medium heat.
  • Turn the heat off and soak Chaga for 1 minutes covering by towel to keep warm. The nutritional ingredients of Chaga will slowly dissolve.Then enjoy the delicious mellow Chaga tea.
  • Crush the tip of the cloves and float on the tea.