Employment information

Employment Information


Rejuvenation Co., Ltd. was established with the aim of pursuing true health and beauty, and was able to celebrate its 20th anniversary in 2020. The company started in the beauty and beauty business, but is working hard every day to expand the business with the theme of health. We are looking for members who aim to realize our philosophy together for the purpose of further business expansion.

Application Requirements

Business content
Sales of supplements, cosmetics, chaga tea, beauty systems, products, etc.
Working hours
9: 30-18: 30 * Actual work 8 hours (break 60 minutes)
Holiday vacation
Complete weekly two-day system, holidays, year-end and new year leave, GW leave, summer leave, condolence leave, paid leave, prenatal, postnatal leave, childcare leave, special leave, etc.
Monthly salary 250,000 yen + incentive
Trial period 2 months Monthly salary 200,000 + incentive
Treatment and benefits
  • Complete social insurance (employment, work-related accidents, health, welfare pension)
  • Transportation expenses
  • Incentive payment
  • Promotion / promotion available at any time
  • Summer bonus / Winter bonus (depending on business performance)
  • Various in-house events (employee trip, New Year party, cherry blossom viewing party)
Work location
Mainichi Shimbun Building 2F, 3-4-5 Umeda, Kita-ku, Osaka,Japan
Recruitment entry
Responsible person :Kenji Takeda

Voice of the staff


Sales office


I joined the company because I was fascinated by the "true health beauty" that aims to create a beautiful body by supplementing the original power of people.

The company is at home and has an open environment where you can listen to individual opinions.

As for business, the general affairs department handles in-house equipment, warehouse management, and delivery.

While delivering, realize the high repeat rate of customers,

We are happy to be satisfied with our products and are working hard.

We hope that more customers will continue to enjoy it as soon as possible

I will do my best to respond promptly and politely.


Public relations


Disseminate [true health beauty] to the world!

My main job is to create PR materials such as pamphlets and leaflets.

In addition, we also send out new company initiatives and product information on SNS such as Instagram.

It can be said that the activity as public relations is a responsible position because it affects the recognition and impression of the product.

At Rejuvenation, I feel that it is important for each and every employee to "think and act on their own."

Not only can you work on the task in front of you every day, but you can also get the opportunity to study what you want to know and experience.




I used to sell in the beauty industry, but I wanted to further improve my knowledge, so I decided to work at our company as an instructor to support business partners and as an instructor.

We are pursuing an approach from the inside and outside in order to realize "true health beauty", and we are making products with the highest quality ingredients and the manufacturing process.

By offering Chaga as tea this time, we hope that anyone can easily incorporate Chaga into their daily lives and that it will be a chance to pray for the health of important people and reach many people.

We employees also drink Chaga tea every day as a welfare program!

Thanks to you, I always work from the inside of my body in a healthy, fun and energetic way! !!




I joined Rejuvenation as a mid-career hire and previously worked as a salesperson in the apparel industry. Since I was a salesperson, I have felt that it is worthwhile to interact with people and work that can contribute to customers, so I am working with the desire to contribute to business partners even in rejuvenation.

I had no experience in the sales position, but my seniors advised me that this might be better, and I am working hard every day to improve my sales skills.

It's easy to work in a cozy company with a warm welcome both during the interview and when you join the company ♪

I don't have enough knowledge and experience, and although it can be difficult, I enjoy learning new fields!

At Rejuvenation, we will learn the importance of cleansing the body from the inside, which is the philosophy of "true health and beauty," and we hope that everyone will spend their time in good health and beauty with our products as an opportunity. We are doing it. We will continue to make efforts to spread the products that we are particular about to as many people as possible and to build a relationship of trust with our business partners.