Chaga market size ranking

Chaga Market

There is a survey on the Chaga market from 2014 to 2018, published in 2019. We will pick up from them and introduce the story of Chaga's economy.

Chaga Market Size Ranking

The market size ranking of Chaga in the 2018 survey is as follows. (Countries and regions are mixed in this survey.)
  1. North America (Canada, United States, Mexico)
  2. America
  3. Canada
  4. Mexico
  5. Asia Pacific
  6. China
  7. India
  8. Japan
  9. Korea
  10. Australia
  11. Indonesia
  12. Singapore
  13. Malaysia
  14. Philippines
  15. Thailand
  16. Vietnam
  17. Europe
  18. Germany
  19. France
  20. United Kingdom
  21. Italy
  22. Spain
  23. Russia
  24. Latin America
  25. Brazil
  26. Other parts of Latin America
  27. Middle East and Africa
  28. GCC countries
  29. Turkey
  30. Egypt
  31. South Africa

Chaga production

According to a 2015 survey, Chaga's global market size is approximately US $ 14.41 million and production is approximately 106.15 tons. Compared to the scale of millions of tons of mushrooms and other common mushrooms, the production is about one-tens of thousands, so you can see that Chaga is a rare mushroom. About 59% of this production is Russian chaga. Chaga is a mushroom from a birch tree. Since the national tree of Russia, which has a vast area, is a birch, it is understandable that Russia boasts the largest production. The second country of origin is North America, with 16.72% production. It is less than one-third of Russia, which ranks first. You can see that Russia produces and exports an overwhelming amount of chaga.

Chaga market growth rate

Chaga market growth rate

The global market for Chaga has been growing, reaching approximately US $ 14.41 million in 2015 and US $ 16 million in 2018. The Chaga market will grow at an annual growth rate of 3.5% and is expected to grow to US $ 21 million by 2025.