Honey recipe collection

I will write a little story about honey. Honey is a collection of nectar from flowers that bloom in the field, but in reality, the sugar content of flower nectar is only 20%, and the remaining 80% is water. The nectar collected by the bees and brought back to the nest is still low in sugar content, and the bees flap their wings at the speed of vibration to evaporate the water and age them. Honey aged by bees is said to contain more than 80 types of enzymes such as amylase, lactic acid bacteria, and polyphenols. The sweetness of ripe honey is glucose, which crystallizes at low room temperatures, evidence of unprocessed natural natural honey. Honey is also rich in vitamins and minerals and is a truly natural supplement. Natural honey is packed with live nutrients such as enzymes and lactic acid bacteria that break when heated. Unheated honey is also recommended when purchasing. It is recommended that the honey be mixed at the temperature of human skin when it is combined with Chaga tea lite.